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Questions Tutors Ask


Is there a commission payable to Top Class Tuition beyond my subscription fee?

No! Once you have registered with us to either of our Professional or Expert subscription tiers, there is no further commission to be paid to Top Class Tuition. 

What qualifications do I need to become a tutor?

There are no specific qualifications required. However, the more highly qualified you are, the more attractive you will be to potential students.

Do I need a DBS check to become a tutor with Top Class Tuition?

To work with children you must not be on the children’s barred list or have any criminal convictions which prevent you from working with children or vulnerable people. If you register on this site and undertake work with children whilst being on the barred list, you would be breaking the law as an individual. You must inform us upon signing up if you hold a criminal record check or not; this is highly recommended. If you do not have one but would like one and contact us, we can assist you in getting this done but you will have to pay yourself and arrange it through an employer. We recommend that you ensure the presence of another responsible adult (parent/guardian for example) when tutoring children under 16. Top Class Tuition does not employ tutors and therefore holds no liability for this. However, Top Class Tuition will always comply with the relevant authorities should a safeguarding issue become known. Any tutors found to be in violation of this will immediately be removed from the site.

Would I be an employee or self-employed? 

As a tutor you would be self-employed and thus responsible for your own tax, NI and finances. We simply provide a service which matches you with prospective students.


Can I teach a subject which is not currently listed? 

Yes. We are always happy to consider new subjects to offer our prospective pupils. Please get in touch and tell us what you have to offer!

Do I need to show my availability? 

This is helpful as a guide to students. It is not set in stone and you will not HAVE to provide lessons at a set time because you have stated you are available at it. Alternatively, select ‘by appointment only’ upon signing up to avoid this. 

Can I register to teach multiple subjects?

Yes, you can select as many as you like upon signing up and then add more in future from your account.

Can I register in multiple locations?


How can I get higher up on the listings? 

Our ‘Expert’ subscription ensures your listing is given priority when prospective clients search for a tutor. This is ideal for experienced tutors who are ready to take on several students quickly. 

Questions Students Ask


Do lessons take place at my home, do you have a centre or are they online?

It is entirely your choice where lessons take place. The vast majority of pupils take lessons at their own home. However, if you prefer, these can take place in a public place which is convenient for you, such as a Library or Resource Centre. We run from a centre in London but our tutors travel across different areas to pupils. Since the pandemic, many students have opted to hold lessons online via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype. This is always an option too. You can discuss this with the individual tutor.

Which areas do you cover? 

We cover whichever area there is a registered tutor in, worldwide. You may find that there are no tutors in your area but there are ‘near-by’ tutors. It is worth contacting them as they may well be willing to travel to your area/do so already.


Are tutors chosen by you or by us

Both! Many people want the freedom to find, scrutinise and shortlist their own tutors and so we offer our search function and shortlisting feature. If you opt for this option, you can search for, shortlist, contact and book lessons with tutors completely by yourself and without us needing to get involved at all. Equally, it is up to you to check their qualifications and that they have the relevant checks in place. However, we do make checks ourselves on every tutor who signs up with us before they are given approval. If you prefer us to do the hard work for you and hand-pick you a tailor-made tutor for your needs, you can contact us directly and we will strive to do that, finding you a tutor whom we have checked and found to be suitable for what you require. This may, however, slow down the process somewhat.

Do you offer lessons exclusively via webcam services such as Zoom or Skype?

Yes. Simply filter for your preferred subject and leave the location blank. You will be shown tutors who are available for virtual lessons.

What happens if the tutor doesn’t show up?

You should contact the tutor directly to find out what has happened and seek to rearrange. However, do let us know if you have a bad experience and we will both place it on record and help you out as best we can with finding an alternative.

Can you help with UCAS and other applications?

Yes, we have tutors available who are specifically trained to help with such matters and most of our standard tutors are able to offer support too. You can, for example, take out History Tuition and devote several of your regular lessons to UCAS support or book in some additional ones.

Can you proof-read and give feedback on essays?

Yes. All of our tutors are able and happy to provide support of this kind, whether it be in lessons or as a one-off task, in the subject they teach. You can also arrange for this to be done without the need for contact time with a tutor if you prefer. Either discuss this with an individual tutor or send us a direct message via the Contact page.

Do you offer classes to schools? Yes, our teachers are able to offer revision or other such classes to schools or other institutions.

What subjects do you offer? 

We offer most academic subjects and tutors are free to list other subjects that we do not specialise in. These can range from drama to martial arts. Our main subjects are:


May I book a one-off lesson?

Yes, there is no minimum course time so you are able to book one-off lessons if you simply require some specialised support on one particular task. 

May I book a course of lessons? 

Yes. You may book a course of as many lessons as you like and add to it if you wish to afterwards. Simply discuss this with the tutor you select.

Can I book and keep a weekly slot?

Yes, you can. Just speak to your tutor about this.

Is there a cancellation policy? 

It is your prerogative to cancel any lesson. If you wish to do so, you must provide 24 hours notice. This is because tutors make preparations beforehand and must have the chance to rearrange lessons in advance. If you fail to cancel within 24 hours, except under exceptional circumstances, you will be charged the full price for the lesson cancelled. This also applies to no-shows. 

Who provides books and materials? 

The tutor will provide most of the resources necessary for each lesson free of charge. However, whilst any textbooks can also be acquired by the tutor if asked, (s)he should then be reimbursed for the cost of these.

Can I spread several hours over the course of the week? 

Yes, if you wish to have a number of hours of tuition per week you can split these across different days, just be sure to discuss this when speaking to the tutor.

Can I increase/decrease the numbers of hours per week once I have started lessons? 

Yes, you are completely free to alter the number of hours you take out each week as and when you wish. Simply discuss this with the tutor.

Can I rearrange a lesson? 

You can always re-arrange a lesson if you cannot make your regular slot. Just contact the tutor about this.

What happens if I am late to a lesson?

If you are going to be late home/to a lesson, please contact the tutor to let him/her know as early as you can. Tutors will generally wait for you for up to fifteen minutes and, if they do not have another lesson straight afterwards, stay for the extended time. If you are too late for the lesson to take place, the tutor will still be owed the fee for the lesson.

Is it possible to add half an hour to an hour-long lesson? 

Yes, you may do this. Please arrange this directly with the tutor.

Who do I pay?

Top Class Tuition does not charge you anything for access to tutors. You should arrange payments for lessons with the individual tutor. 

May I specifically ask for a female tutor? 

You can check who your tutor is by viewing his/her profile before applying.

Can you arrange trips? 

If you are home-schooled or simply want the tutor to accompany you on an educational outing, this can be arranged; any pupils under the age of 16 will need this to be arranged with their parents. The cost will be the regular hourly rate for the number of hours it will take and the tutor should be reimbursed for any costs.

Do I have to pay for my tutor’s travel expenses? 

No. Tutors are responsible for paying their own travel expenses.

Can I contact the tutor directly before lessons begin?

Yes, you can do this through the website.

Do you offer intensive courses? 

Yes. If you require an intensive course of lessons, we can usually arrange this, depending on the availability of our tutors.

How much do lessons cost?

This depends on the individual tutor, usually reflecting their level of qualification and experience


Can I find out information about my tutor beforehand?

Yes, absolutely. All the information you need should be on the tutor’s profile; if there is anything missing, you can just contact the tutor through the website and ask.

Are all tutors qualified? 

We have tutors with many different qualifications and backgrounds so as not to limit students only to one type of tutor. You can select the level of qualification you require when searching and view the tutor’s highest qualification on their profile. If you have any further questions about this, just ask the tutor.

Can I check a tutor’s qualifications?

Yes. Their qualifications can be found on their profile. If you wish to see evidence of a tutor’s qualifications, simply ask them.

What if it doesn’t work out with the tutor?

You have the right to cancel lessons at any point: simply inform the tutor that your circumstances have changed. However, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you for any fees already paid as we leave it up to Students to check that the tutor is suitable via their profile and our messaging feature prior to contacting them. 

Do tutors have DBS checks?

All of Top Class Tuition’s tutors have been asked to state whether or not they have this in their profiles and those tutors with a ‘verified’ tick have been asked directly by us on this front. However, our tutors work on a self-employed basis and are not employed by us. As tuition is regarded as a domestic arrangement, tutors do not qualify for DBS checks for this sole purpose as sole trading individuals. Whilst we do everything we can to ensure that tutors are suitable to work with children, it is the responsibility of the tutor and their employer (in this case the pupil or parent taking out tuition) to make any necessary checks/supervisions. We recommend that parents of students put sufficient safeguarding measures in place when lessons are conducted, be these in their home, externally or online.

What if I cannot find a suitable tutor? 

Get in touch with us via e-mail, the contact form or on 0845 154 2718 and we will look into who else we have on our books and let you know whom we think to be the most suitable option for you.


Do you cater for pupils with learning difficulties/disabilities? 

Yes. We both have specialised support and subject tutors who are ready to deal with the specific needs of pupils with special educational needs. The level of expertise and experience in this field obviously varies from tutor to tutor so please contact us to ask for specific details.

Do pupils need to be ‘behind’ to have private tuition? 

Absolutely not. Our tutors are qualified to support all kinds of pupils, from those who are struggling to those who are way beyond their years. Some of our pupils are with us because they are not getting the help they need at school, some are with us because they require further challenges/stimulation to excel and some are with us because they simply feel there is a benefit in having additional support and guidance from our excellent tutors.

Do you take on pupils preparing for private exams? 

Yes. We have tutors available for those entering exams such as the 11+ and school entry examinations privately. We can provide a course, as intensive as you wish, to cover entire such courses.


Do I have to pay any extra agency fees on top of the hourly rate? 

No! There are absolutely NO additional fees you need to pay. All you pay is the rate stated by the tutor you choose. Whilst most of our competitors add on various fees here and there, so you end up paying a lot more than you had originally planned, we prefer to offer a single, competitive rate which is clear and simple. Honesty is as essential to us as your satisfaction and we will never try to manipulate you.

Please contact us for a brochure, to get a quote or to receive further information.

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