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Home Schooling

We provide a home schooling and residential tuition service for those who wish to take out a full-time course of tuition for their children. This may take the form of covering school holidays or a longer term arrangement, where a child is to be home schooled rather than attending an outside school.

To cover this, we have a selection of our finest tutors with the qualities and qualifications necessary to embark on such an imperative operation.  

Some parents wish to home school their children because of a lack of suitable schools, through personal or cultural preference or in order to prepare them better for what the future holds.

About Our Tutors

Our tutors recognise how big a decision this is and will support you every step of the way. Indeed, if you are considering homeschooling, we will support you in making your decision free of charge.

Rather than sell you the product, we can spend up to forty five minutes on the telephone going through the benefits and drawbacks. We will draw on various experiences we have had along with your specific circumstances in order to help you make the right decision for your child. It is, and never will be, our policy to be salespeople and make as much as we can.

Home schooling only works if it is right for all parties involved and has their co-operation and enthusiasm. We will be happy to work with you but will not encourage the pursuit of this if it is not right for the pupil. 

We offer home schooling from several hours per week for very young children, up to full-time residential tuition. A breakdown can be found below.

If you undertake home-schooling with us, your tutor will be personally selected to match your needs. They will also take full charge of your child(ren)’s education. This includes planning lessons, providing relevant and engaging materials (including the use of a tablet in lessons), devising full progress reports every half-term, liaising with schools and other educational bodies if necessary and staying with you for the duration of the course you book. 

In addition, our tutors will be happy to organise educational trips and extra-curricular activities in accordance with your wishes and your child’s needs. 

Our home school tutors take it as their mission to teach and nurture their pupils to the highest level of success. As a result of this being one-on-one, they are able to swiftly respond to any issues and stamp them out far more quickly than would be possible in a school environment. Importantly, they also take an interest in the social and personal development of the children they teach. They provide an environment which is academic but also stimulating, interactive, enjoyable and friendly. They look to embrace and incorporate music, sport and the arts into their work as far as is possible. 

Please bear in mind that home schooling is far more intensive than a classroom environment. Therefore, each hour can often accomplish as much as three or four hours would in a mainstream school.


Please contact us to receive further information.

We offer a completely free initial consultation if you are considering home schooling.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 154 2718