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I am currently a first year MPhilStud Philosophy student at Kingston University, London, prior to which I completed my MPhil in Planning and Development from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India. Earlier, I worked at the same institution as a Research Assistant for three years. My responsibilities included software programming in C and Python languages, managing the development team, communicating with senior authorities, and conducting trainings sessions.

I have a strong aptitude towards Mathematics, programming and Physics, the subjects in which I have scored well since high school years. This early affinity I struck with the subjects shaped the course of my further career, initially in my profession as a software programmer and then later as a philosopher interested in the topics of mathematics, logic and science. Indeed, these fundamental subjects have provided me with a strong foundation to address the higher order questions posed by philosophy. Through my career, I have acquired the skills of quantitative analysis, logical proof, problem solving and, above all, communicating these ideas effectively to friends and colleagues.

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