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  • 22/10/2021 11:14 pm local time


I am a qualified teacher from London. I have taught in various secondary schools and currently work in the private sector, teaching at football club academies and to individual students. My approach is tailored to each individual student and based upon mutual respect, listening, calmness and friendliness. I really enjoy working with young people and getting to know what makes them tick as well as what they can't stand - and then trying to adapt my style accordingly! For one reason or another, I seem to build up a good and productive relationship with my students and think that this level of trust is important as the foundation of helping them learn better and of course pass exams.

My degree is in History and this is the area in which I specialise but I have taught English, Politics and Geography alongside this for many years now. I also teach the 11+ and entrance exams for grammar schools. I'll come with my own ideas but, ultimately, will listen to what the parent and, primarily, student need and want from lessons and base what we do around that. I prefer lessons in person but am also available to teach online if need be. It's always helpful to know the exam board before we start, so please try to find this out if you can!

To tell you a tiny bit about me in general - I love to travel and will go virtually anywhere if given the chance! I'm also a big football fan - support Arsenal. Not sure why I'm mentioning that, because it'll turn half of London away from me but oh well!

Send a direct message if you want to know some more.

  • imelda.almqvist
    28/04/2021 at 8:49 am

    Matthew Shelley has provided tutoring for our sons for about a decade now! He has ‘graduated’ from working with our youngest son on basic reading comprehension and spelling to now working with the same son on A Level essays and the Oxbridge selection process!

    Matthew has demonstrated the ability to work with the full age range and meet all students where they are, always seeing their full potential. Even better, he cares about his students as human beings and will adapt his teaching style (as and when appropriate) to suit their personality and special interests. He gently but steadily persuades them to aim for the best possible results they are capable of!

    Matthew has also shared many valuable insights and observations with us, over the years. On occasion he has advised us on parent-teacher communication, or spotted issues in school work we parents might have overlooked.

    I have no hesitation at all recommending Matthew! We consider ourselves most fortunate to have benefited from his professional service for years! He is demand so I hope he will have availability when you contact him!

    Imelda Almqvist, mother of three sons, http://www.shaman-healer-painter.co.uk/

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