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Proof Reading

We are proud to offer an expert proof-reading and editing service across London. We can support you with any of the following:

  • Essay-writing
  • Job applications
  • CV writing
  • Advertising
  • University Applications
  • School/college applications
  • Letters
  • Appeals

Depending on your preference, we can visit you, you can visit us or we can complete the task remotely via video call, e-mail or telephone.

Submit a contact form to enquire 

Our service is professional and entirely bespoke. We have a very clear and competitive pricing system: a quote will be provided once you make your request. We support clients with academic, business and other proof-reading, editing and content development requirements. Our service is fast but thorough and we will endeavour to get the task completed in advance of the required completion date. 

Our team will fully communicate with you both before and during the task to ensure that the work done meets your needs. To be sure that we are true to our word, we also offer you the chance to have your content re-edited once afterwards if you find that it is not to your satisfaction. 

Our service will ensure that your documents are accurate, grammatically correct, fluent and vibrant. We also have the skills to add creativity and professionalism to your work if this is what you require. Our proof-reading service will go through your work and advise you of the areas that need to be improved upon. Our proof-reading with editing service will go through your work and make the necessary changes ourselves (making all alterations clear to you if this is what you require). Our content composition service will follow your brief and create a piece of writing for you in the style that you desire.

11+ Surgery

Our 11+ and entry exam expert is travelling around London to help out those preparing for their Eleven Plus exam who need urgent, last minute support before the big day. 

DOES your child have some burning questions that need answering by someone who knows exactly what they are talking about? Just get them ready and our man will be on hand to help. 

DO THEY want someone to go through practice tests with you and help you to work out what is going wrong in certain questions, he can help.

ARE THEY at their wits end with a particular type of non-verbal or verbal reasoning? Our expert can show them a technique for it which makes their life so much easier.

DO THEY need someone to set targets and prep them for the exam day? He is the man to do this. 

We anticipate that most pupils, at this stage, will need one emergency surgery session to iron out any issues and leave no room for error on the big day. However, if you require further help or a crash course, we can certainly help with that too. 

Our 11+ and entry exam expert is also available via Skype or telephone for a session. 

Have a look at the panel on the right-hand-side for our price guide and contact details.


  1. Intensive 11+ Surgery in person (approximately one hour): £55
  2. Skype surgery:£35
  3. Telephone Surgery:£35 
  4. Crash 11+ Full Day (4 hours):£120
  5. Two day crash course (3 hours each day):£200
  6. Full week (3 hours per day):£500

Educational Consultancy

We also offer an educational consultancy service in London for both school- and non-school-related matters. A selection of the potential consultancy services we offer are listed below:

  • Informed advice on Primary and Secondary school applications and the right school to choose
  • Letter writing
  • Advice
  • Personal or Telephone support
  • Application assistance (including UCAS)
  • CV Writing
  • Options support
  • Careers advice
  • Drawing up of time tables/plans of action
  • Many more


Fees for these educational consultancy services will be negotiated in accordance with the time consumption and gravity of the specific task to be undertaken. As always, our prices will be competitive and the service provided of the highest quality. Please refer to our contact page to get in touch and find out further information.

Interview Preperation

Applying for a top school or university? 

Trying to get a new job? 

Looking to make a good first impression with an important client? 

We offer a high class service which can help you! 

We have trained and experienced experts on hand who can take you through the interview process. They have themselves been through rigorous interviews at such institutions as Cambridge, Oxford and UCL. They have successfully negotiated job interviews in the City of London and overseen pupils’ progress at interviews for top public and grammar schools, such as CLSB, St. Olave’s, Westminster and Eton.

For this we offer one-off, two-hour sessions, or short courses, which can fully prepare you for the big day.

During these sessions, our experts will work with you on your body language and oratory skills. They will go through with you the right and wrong things to say, how to walk into the interview, what to wear, whether you should speak first or wait to be spoken to and how to strike a calm but, simultaneously, professional aura. Perhaps most importantly, they will ease your nerves and show you practical ways of ensuring that you do not get a brain-freeze and forget their tips and techniques on the day.

These sessions take a very practical form. Our experts will use recording equipment so that you can see and hear yourself in a mock interview, they will allow you to make telephone calls to selected people to practise your speaking skills with strangers and they will direct your posture and body language.

University Application

Do you require help with your university application? This could be with deciding where to apply, completeing your UCAS form, writing your personal statemenet or seeking advice if things have gone wong. We can provide you with expert advice in either a one-off session or the right number of sessions for your needs.

Equally, if you need help going through clearing, we have experts on hand.

Online Tuition

  • To find online tuitoin, simply go to the homepage and type ‘United Kingdom’ in the search bar and tick the box for online tuition in the filter
  • Ideal for those living in remote/difficult-to-reach locations or prefer the simplicity and comfort of tuition over the internet
  • Ease of sharing links to webpages and transfer files and documents whilst online together
  • Payments made through our usual, secure system
  • All you need is to have either a Skype or Apple FaceTime account (both free), choose the day and time for your lesson and meet your exceptional tutor by your computer screen. All video calls are free to make.

A-Level Tuition

  • At A-Level, things become a bit more complex so you need more specialised support
  • Look for tutors whose own qualifications are higher than A-Level so that you can get the expertise your subject requires
  • Make sure you let the tutor know which exam board you are studying and check his/her familiarity with it
  • Allow your tutor to fully support you along the way by practising exam questions and guiding you through the coursework process
  • Make sure you see the tutor as your resource and determine which areas you need his/her support in before each session
  • Keeping yourself organised is also  essential!
  • Search now for an A-Level tutor

GCSE Tuition

  • With so many subjects to juggle, some you probably like, others you probably don’t, GCSEs can be one of the most stressful times of your life
  • By employing a tutor in the subject(s) that you find the most difficult or want the highest grade in, you can take some of the pressure off and eliminate the confusion
  • Tutors can help you to understand the requirements of your course (providing you tell them the exam board you are studying) and simplify what is required from your revision
  • A tutor can help you to organise your studies and master tricky concepts with patience and one-to-one clarity.
  • The earlier you start tuition, the easier this will be 
  • Search now for a GCSE tutor

Key Stage 1, 2, 3 Tuition

  • Many people wait until the last minute to get tutoring, such as when their GCSE exams are about to begin and they panic. You can avoid this by identifying learning challenges earlier on
  • If you employ a tutor at this stage, you have the time and space to focus on the foundation issues that need rectifying, whether they be slowness of writing, difficulty grappling with mathematics or disengagement in the learning process
  • Our tutors can provide your children with the personalised one-to-one attention their schoolteachers cannot give them
  • Our tutors can identify areas of both concern and potential and ensure that the right support is in place to deal with them 
  • Search now for a Key Stage 1, 2 or 3 tutorHome

Please contact us for a brochure, to get a quote or to receive further information.

We offer a completely free initial consultation if you are considering home schooling.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 154 2718

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