11+ Surgery

Our 11+ and entry exam expert is travelling around London to help out those preparing for their Eleven Plus exam who need urgent, last minute support before the big day. 

DOES your child have some burning questions that need answering by someone who knows exactly what they are talking about? Just get them ready and our man will be on hand to help. 

DO THEY want someone to go through practice tests with you and help you to work out what is going wrong in certain questions, he can help.

ARE THEY at their wits end with a particular type of non-verbal or verbal reasoning? Our expert can show them a technique for it which makes their life so much easier.

DO THEY need someone to set targets and prep them for the exam day? He is the man to do this. 

We anticipate that most pupils, at this stage, will need one emergency surgery session to iron out any issues and leave no room for error on the big day. However, if you require further help or a crash course, we can certainly help with that too. 

Our 11+ and entry exam expert is also available via Skype or telephone for a session. 

Have a look at the panel on the right-hand-side for our price guide and contact details.

Options and Fees

1. Intensive 11+ Surgery in person (approximately one hour): £55

2. Skype surgery: £35

3. Telephone Surgery: £35 

4. Crash 11+ Full Day (4 hours): £120

4. Two day crash course (3 hours each day):£200

5. Full week (3 hours per day): £500

If you are interested, please contact us here or call us on 0845 154 2718