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Bespoke Tuition

This service is for those who would like us to hand-pick them a tutor from our very best available, based on their specific enquires. If you would prefer to choose your own tutor, you will need to search by location.

How it Works

One of the key advantages of taking out bespoke tuition with Top Class Tuition is that we are entirely flexible and tailor our tuition directly to your needs. Your wish is essentially our command and we will help in you in whatever way you need the help. However, some people are unsure of how to go about the process and one of the major areas they need our help in is direction. Therefore, we cater for this too and will adapt the following, standard Top Class Tuition approach to what we deduce to be your needs:

1. We look through the details you provide us with, carry out any necessary consultation with schools or teachers and select the tutor we deem most suitable.

2. The assigned tutor carries out an assessment during the initial session to ascertain the level of the pupil and how much help they require. (It is after this lesson that we plan a strategy and you are advised as to how much tuition you are recommended to take out.)

3. Your tutor gets to work, providing tasks geared around the individual pupil. They usually start with tasks that help the pupils to organiseand structure their work and clarify the examined content that they need to know about and complete. After the first session, the pupil knows exactly what (s)he needs to learn for his/her course.

4. The tutor regularly updates you, us and the school if necessary, onprogress made by the pupil, possibly replacing an old target with a new one.

5. The tutor, at intermittent stages, sets exam practice for the pupil and offers informed guidance.

6. We all eagerly await the good results!

Tutor Tier Breakdown
Expert Professional College
Our experts are exactly as they sound: highly qualified tutors with expertise and vast experience in the subject they teach. They all graduated from the highest ranked universities in the country and have gone on to obtain teaching qualifications, Masters degrees, PhDs or further Bachelors' degrees as well as acquired much experience and success in private tutoring.  Our professional tutors come from some of the top universities in the country: Cambridge, UCL, Oxford. They have been trained and acquired a solid experience in tuition which has garnered a great deal of success for their pupils. They will pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching to each of their pupils and can offer exceptionally high-quality tutoring in their subject at a lower hourly rate than our experts. Our College Student tutors are A-grade A-Level students working as tutors on a part-time basis whilst they study. They have been selected as a result of excelling in their studies so far. As a result of them currently studying for their A-Levels, we only offer these tutors up to GCSE level. They have perhaps the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge of current curriculums as a result of them studying alongside tutoring.


Private tutoring to pupils aged 3-19 is where it all began for us. It is our speciality, our bread and butter, our heritage. And, as such, one-to-one tutoring in the 11+, GCSEs and A-Levels is the aspect in which we truly are experts.

Offering an exceptional, bespoke private tuition service, tailored directly to your personal, individual requirements, we are proud to have the confidence to say that we will deliver vast improvements and results.

Having specialised in the private tuition business for many years, we have an efficient and well-established procedure. We work closely with schools, pupils and parents. We cover, and provide/create materials for, every exam board, we regularly advise our tutors and assess their ability to teach changing specifications and we follow and update our strategy frequently in relation to the shifting requirements and logistics of examinations.  

We offer tutors from various tiers and price ranges so that your personal needs are met. As with everything, we are happy to advise but the decision is entirely yours. You can choose an expert with a teaching qualification/masters degree from one of the UK's highest-ranked universities, a professional with a university education from the UK's finest institutions or a college student whose knowledge is current and whose achievements have so far excelled expectations. However, from our experts to our college students, all of our tutors share three traits: ability, dedication and effectiveness. 

All that you need to do is make the arrangements with us and pay the tutor the exact fee outlined on the left. This will never increase and never be added to with additional charges. 

If you require a private tutor to come in quickly, with minimal hassle, and adapt immediately to the direct needs of the pupil, we can offer that. Equally, if you would like some advice and consultation beforehand, a liaison with the pupil's school and a strategy with achievable targets and time-scales so that you know exactly what you are getting and for how long you need to commit, we will provide this with swift professionalism. 

Subjects: 11+BiologyBusinessChemistryEconomicsEnglishFrenchGeography,GermanHistoryMathsMusicPhotographyPhysicsPoliticsReligiousScienceSpanish


  Expert Professional College
GCSE/A-Level £50ph £35ph £20ph
11+ £45ph £35ph £20ph
KS1-KS3 £45ph £30ph £20ph
Adult/University £50ph £35ph £20ph

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