Interview Preparation

Applying for a top school or university? 

Trying to get a new job? 

Looking to make a good first impression with an important client? 

We offer a high class service which can help you! 

We have trained and experienced experts on hand who can take you through the interview process. They have themselves been through rigorous interviews at such institutions as Cambridge, Oxford and UCL. They have successfully negotiated job interviews in the City of London and overseen pupils' progress at interviews for top public and grammar schools, such as CLSB, St. Olave's, Westminster and Eton.

For this we offer one-off, two-hour sessions, or short courses, which can fully prepare you for the big day.

During these sessions, our experts will work with you on your body language and oratory skills. They will go through with you the right and wrong things to say, how to walk into the interview, what to wear, whether you should speak first or wait to be spoken to and how to strike a calm but, simultaneously, professional aura. Perhaps most importantly, they will ease your nerves and show you practical ways of ensuring that you do not get a brain-freeze and forget their tips and techniques on the day.

These sessions take a very practical form. Our experts will use recording equipment so that you can see and hear yourself in a mock interview, they will allow you to make telephone calls to selected people to practise your speaking skills with strangers and they will direct your posture and body language.

Call on 0845 154 2718 or contact us here to get yourself one step ahead of the competition