Flexible, freelance, part-time work in the UK


Top Class Tuition is always on the look-out for great new tutors to join our team. If you think that you might be interested and have a passion to educate and nurture, please click the sign-up button to the top right of this page and complete a profile. 

There are no boundaries to you signing up based on your experience or qualifications, but the more experience and higher qualifications you have, the more popular amongst potential students you are likely to be.

We ask that you upload some key documents, such as any criminal record checks and your highest qualification certificate. Once we have sifted through this, we will, hopefully, approve your application and you will be ready to begin receiving enquiries.


  • Agree that 20% of their fees will be retained by Top Class Tuition (should bear this in mind when setting their fees)
  • All payments will be assigned to them directly through the website and aforementioned commissions automatically taken
  • Must immediately let the student and TCT know if you need to cancel a lesson
  • Agree not to share contact details or make arrangements outside of the website; such action will result in their accounts being suspended and all existing tuition arrangements cancelled
  • Agree to indemnify Top Class Tuition against all losses resultant from any copyright or other infringement related to their profiles or actions on site
  • Upon signing up state that they are allowed to work in the UK without restrictions and do not possess a criminal record that restricts them from working with children or vulnerable adults
  • Agree that all information provided by them is correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge and that they have no intention to mislead in terms of their qualifications etc.
  • That you are working on a self-employed basis and take full responsibility for tax and National Insurance contributions as well as for any other expectations of self-employed individuals
  • That you are advertising only on behalf of yourself and will not pass on any opportunities to other individuals
  • That any content you post on our site is owned by you and that you have the right to post it. Also that you are fully responsible for anything that is posted within your own profile, including photographs. 
  • That, if anyone makes a claim against us relating to your actions, or for any content or information which you have posted on this website, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all losses, damages and expenses resultant from such a claim. Whilst Top Class Tuition checks what you post and will advise you where necessary, we do not control this and thus are not responsible for any content or information which you share, including that which is unlawful. We are not responsible for the conduct of any member, be it on the website or off of it. 
  • That you will work at all times to uphold and ensure the safety of your pupil(s) when working
  • That you will liaise directly with clients and parents and will not conceal any relevant information from them. 
  • We fully expect all tutors to treat pupils and clients fairly and without prejudice regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality or any other variable. 
  • Agree that this is not an employment agency
  • Agree to fully refund students for any lessons cancelled with 24 hours or more notice. They can do this via the options on their Tutor Dashboard after they log in.
  • Agree to liaise with students and do their best to adhere to any requests to rearrange lessons.