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A subject which can be spectacular and enlightening if taught well, Science is a challenge to master but a most rewarding acquisition for all pupils. Increasingly vital in the modern world, Science is provided by our tutors as a subject of great depth. We select only the finest brains to teach this subject and all of them have the open mind necessary to teach this in the right way.


For primary and early secondary school pupils, we offer tutors able to break the subject down, extract its most exciting elements, guide a pupil through how to put visual wonders onto paper and in explanation and, wherever possible, provide practical experiments which are spectacular but not too messy! For GCSE and A-Level pupils, we provide tutors who are able to efficiently direct a pupil’s knowledge into exam-suitable analysis, stimulate interest, create memory techniques and open doors to their futures. 

What We Cover at A-Level

Exam Technique

  • Ways to maximise marks on shorter answer questions
  • Avoid missing out unnecessarily on marks you can easily gain
  • How to structure longer answer and conceptual questions
  • Methods to avoid repeating yourself and rambling
  • Sound advice on how to stay relevant to the question
  • The means of understanding different question types
  • A guide to ticking all of the examiners’ boxes

Course Content

  • Knowledge of the scientific concepts involved
  • Techniques on analysing and applying scientific fact
  • Interpreting methodology effectively
  • Handling data
  • Using appropriate specialist vocabulary
  • Assessing usefulness and reliability 

Units Covered


  • AQA AS Unit 1 CHEM1: Foundation Chemistry
  • AQA AS Unit 2 CHEM2: Chemistry in Action
  • AQA A2 Unit 4 CHEM4: Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry
  • AQA A2 Unit 5 CHEM5: Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry


  • Edexcel AS Unit 1: Core Principles of Chemistry
  • Edexcel ASUnit 2:Applying the Core Principles of Chemistry
  • Edexcel A2 Unit 4: General Principles of Chemistry I – Rates
  • Edexcel A2 Unit 5: General Principles of Chemistry II – Transition


  • OCR AS Unit 1 F321: Atoms, Bonds and Groups
  • OCR AS Unit 2 F322: Chains, Energy and Resources
  • OCR A2 Unit 4 F234: Rings, Polymers and Analysis
  • OCR A2 Unit 5 F325: Equilibria, Energetic and Elements

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