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Our exceptional Geography tutors aim to provide their students with a personalised insight into the remarkable features of the world in which we live. They are all qualified in the subject and experienced teaching it. What is more, we choose our Geography private tutors on the basis of their practical experience as well. So they have also travelled extensively, conducted geographic investigations and research of their own and can therefore provide a genuine taste of the world and geographic features and landform to their pupils. 


Our tutors cover primary school to A-Level. From plate tectonics to population dynamics, our Geography tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas covered by school specifications. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, coasts, deserts, storms, tourism, energy, global warming and population are just some of the topics our tutors know all about and which you may be studying. For primary school pupils, we offer a private tuition package which shows children the world in a colourful and vibrant way, with interactivity incorporated into lessons via images, videos and sounds from around the world played out on the tutors’ iPads.

Our Content

At A-Level, we comprehensively cover the AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards. If you take Geography tuition with us we will take you through all of the content, skills and exam technique you need in order to pass with flying colours. 

For AQA, this includes covering the core compulsory AS Units of Population and Rivers, Floods and Management as well as the optional ones like Coastal Environments, Cold Environments, Hot Desert Environments and their Margins, Health Issues, Energy Issues and Food Supply Issues. We also take you through a comprehensive guide to getting full marks on all of the Geographical Skills questions. At A2, we cover Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards, Weather and Climate, Ecosystems,  World Cities, Development and Globalisation and Contemporary Conflicts and Challenges. We also guide you through proven strategies for your coursework, Fieldwork and the Geographical Issue Evaluation.

For Edexcel, we cover the AS Units Global Challenges (World at Risk and Going Global; Unit 1) and Geographical Investigations (Unit 2). At A2, we cover Unit 3: Contested Planet (Energy Security, Water Conflicts, Biodiversity under Threat, Superpower Geographies, Bridging the Development Gap and The Technological Fix) and Unit 4: Geographical Research (Tectonics, Cold Environments, Life on the Margins,The World, Pollution and Health and Consuming the Rural Landscape -Leisure and Tourism.

Exam Technique

  • Ways to maximise marks on shorter answer questions
  • Avoid missing out unnecessarily on marks you can easily gain
  • How to structure longer answer and conceptual questions
  • Methods to avoid repeating yourself and rambling
  • Sound advice on how to stay relevant to the question
  • The means of understanding different question types
  • A guide to ticking all of the examiners’ boxes

Course Content

  • Knowledge of the geographical concepts involved
  • Techniques on analysing and applying geographical fact and theory
  • Interpreting methodology effectively
  • Handling data
  • Using appropriate specialist vocabulary
  • Assessing usefulness and reliability 

Units Covered


  • AQA AS Unit 1 GEOG1: Physical and Human Geography (Rivers, Population, Cold Environments, Coastal Environments, Hot Desert Environments, Food Supply Issues, Energy Issues, Health Issues)
  • AQA AS Unit 2 GEOG2: Geographical Skills
  • AQA A2 Unit 3 GEOG3: Contemporary Geographical Issues (World Cities, Plate Tectonics, Weather and Climate, Ecosystems, Development and Globalisation, Contemporary Conflicts and Challeneges)
  • AQA A2 Unit 4 GEOG4B: Geographical Issue Evaluation
  • (We do not cover GEOG4A – Geographical Fieldwork Investigation)


  • Edexcel AS Unit 1: Global Challenges (World at Risk and Going Global)
  • Edexcel ASUnit 2: Geographical Investigations (Extreme Weather, Crowded Coasrs, Unequal Spaces, Rebranding Places)
  • Edexcel A2 Unit 3: Contested Planet (Energy, Water Conflicts, Biodiversity, Superpower Geographies, Development Gap, Technological Fix)
  • Edexcel A2 Unit 4: Geographical Research (Tectonic Activity and Hazards, Cold Environments, Life on the Margins, Cultural Diversity, Population and Health, Consuming the Rural Landscape)


  • OCR AS Unit 1 F761: Managing Physical Environments
  • OCR AS Unit 2 F762: Managing Change in Human Environments
  • OCR A2 Unit 3 F763: Global Issues
  • OCR A2 Unit 5 F764: Geographical Skills

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