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Our A-Level Government and Politics tutors are proficient in helping you to understand UK, European and American Politics, both historically and in the current-day context. From the uncodified constitution of the United Kingdom to the codified constitution of the United States of America, they are fully up-to-speed with the latest developments and amendments and with current exam board specifications, as listed on the left. Some of the topics you might cover include the judiciary, Presidentialism, Prime Ministerial power, the rôle of Parliament, devolution and the separation of powers. All of our tutors are well versed in these topic areas and enjoy nurturing your ability to analyse, debate and formulate crucial opinions on them.


We offer specialised Government and Politics tuition to cover the specified content of all of the major exam boards. Therefore, we cover People, Politics and Participation, US Politics and UK Government. Within these, we cover the sub-topics of  The Constitution, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Government, The Judiciary, Democracy and Political Participation, Elections and Pressure Groups. Within ideologies, we cover Multiculturalism, Nationalism, Poverty, the President, the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court. We also cover Global Politics and the European Union in depth.

Our Content

Exam Technique

  • Ways to maximise marks on shorter answer questions
  • Avoid missing out unnecessarily on marks you can easily gain
  • How to structure longer answer and conceptual questions
  • Methods to avoid repeating yourself and rambling
  • Sound advice on how to stay relevant to the question
  • The means of understanding different question types
  • A guide to ticking all of the examiners’ boxes

Course Content

  • Knowledge of the political concepts involved
  • Techniques on analysing and applying political and governmental fact and statutes
  • Interpreting methodology effectively
  • Handling data
  • Using appropriate specialist vocabulary
  • Assessing usefulness and reliability 

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