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From Human Nature and Political Organisation to Substance Dualism and Non-Reductive Materialism our experts will be on hand throughout the day to guide you through the content you struggle with, extend your learning to qualify you for the highest grades and nurture your approach to the exam. By the end of each day, you will have been endowed with an efficient knowledge of how to pass the course in question

Our Countent

Exam Technique

  • Ways to maximise marks on shorter answer questions
  • Avoid missing out unnecessarily on marks you can easily gain
  • How to structure longer answer and conceptual questions
  • Methods to avoid repeating yourself and rambling
  • Sound advice on how to stay relevant to the question
  • The means of understanding different question types
  • A guide to ticking all of the examiners’ boxes

Course Content

  • Knowledge of the concepts involved
  • Techniques on analysing and applying fact, theory and philosophical notions
  • Interpreting methodology effectively
  • Handling data
  • Using appropriate specialist vocabulary
  • Assessing usefulness and reliability 

Units Covered

AQA Philosophy and Ethics

  • AQA AS Unit 1 PHIL1: An Introduction to Philosophy 1
  • AQA AS Unit 2 PHIL2: An Introduction to Philosophy 2
  • AQA A2 Unit 3 PHIL3: Key Themes in Philosophy
  • AQA A2 Unit 4 PHIL4: Philosophical Problems

Edexcel Religious Studies

  • Edexcel AS Unit 1: Foundations
  • Edexcel ASUnit 2: Investigations
  • Edexcel A2 Unit 3: Developments
  • Edexcel A2 Unit 4: Implications

OCR Religious Studies

  • OCR AS & A2 Philosophy of Religion
  • OCR AS & A2 Religious Ethics
  • OCR AS & A2 Jewish Scriptures
  • OCR AS & A2 New Testament
  • OCR AS & A2 Developments in Christian             Theology
  • OCR AS & A2 Buddhism
  • OCR AS & A2 Hinduism
  • OCR AS & A2 Islam
  • OCR AS & A2Judaism








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