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Exam Technique

  • Ways to maximise marks on shorter answer questions
  • Avoid missing out unnecessarily on marks you can easily gain
  • How to structure longer answer and conceptual questions
  • Methods to avoid repeating yourself and rambling
  • Sound advice on how to stay relevant to the question
  • The means of understanding different question types
  • A guide to ticking all of the examiners’ boxes

Course Content

  • Knowledge of the sociological concepts involved
  • Techniques on analysing and applying sociological theories
  • Interpreting methodology effectively
  • Handling data
  • Using appropriate specialist vocabulary
  • Assessing usefulness and reliability 

Units Covered


  • AQA AS Unit 1 SCLY1: Culture and Identity, Family and Households, Wealth and Poverty and Welfare
  • AQA AS Unit 2 SCLY2: Education with Research Methods; Health with Research Methods
  • AQA A2 Unit 3 SCLY3: Beliefs in Society; Global Development; Mass Media; Power and Politics
  • AQA A2 Unit 4 SCLY4: Crime and Deviance; Stratification and Differentiation


  • OCR AS Unit 1 G671: Exploring Socialisation, Culture and Identity
  • OCR AS Unit 2 G672: Topics in Socialisation, Culture and Identity
  • OCR A2 Unit 3 G673: Power and Control
  • OCR A2 Unit 4 G674: Exploring Social Inequality and Difference



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