We merely provide a forum for tutors to advertise and be found, the tuition itself remains a domestic arrangement between the client and the tutor. All lessons subsequent to the initial one are arranged solely by the tutor and the pupil/parent. All tutors work on a self-employed basis; none are employed by Top Class Tuition. It is therefore the responsibility of the tutor and his/her client to make/provide/obtain any further criminal records checks desired/necessary.

We recommend that pupils under the age of 18 are supervised and state that they remain the full responsibility of the parent/carer in their home. Tutors are not able to obtain their own DBS checks (the new name for CRBs) for this sole purpose as tutoring is not listed as a regulated activity but is rather seen as a domestic arrangement. Many of our tutors do, however, hold DBS checks from other positions where these are obtainable. For your clarity, all tutor profiles tell you whether or not a criminal record check is held by the tutor.

Any lessons arranged, for children under the age of 18, outside of the home (i.e. in a public place such as a library) is at the full and sole discretion of the parent/carer.

Top Class Tuition is not responsible for any actions/arrangements carried out beyond the organisation of an initial meeting between the client and the tutor. All subsequent arrangements should be made solely between the tutor and the client. We will, however, be happy to offer our assistance to either party wherever we can.

Times and dates can be arranged between you and the tutor assigned to you. We are flexible and pretty pleased with the positive and at ease relationship we have with our pupils and their parents. As such, there are no charges for cancellations, providing they are made 24 hours before. The full price will be charged for no-shows, when no cancellation has been made, or if the cancellation is made on the day of the lesson.

The venue at which tutoring takes place is your choice. Most people prefer this to be at their home, but some rather it be carried out at a local public place, such as a library.

Any text books required can be obtained by the tutor. However, they should be reimbursed for the cost of these as this does not count as part of the fee.

All of the photographs present on this site, barring those submitted by members, were taken by Matthew Shelley, Jordan Shelley, Alex Winter and Imelda Almqvist and belong to Top Class Tuition, all rights reserved. Any copyrighted material belonging to another party within these photographs is purely coincidental. If you would like to use any of these pictures or have any queries, please contact us on admin@topclasstuition.com.

Top Class Tuition does not own any photographs held in tutor or student profiles – these are the full responsibility of the user

All of the photographs on this site belong to the site owner with all rights reserved. Please contact us if you would like further information or wish to use one of these images.

All design of this site has been completed by Radium Enterprise.

We reserve the right to trim and partially edit reviews and testimonials which are received for ourselves or our tutors.

Top Class Tuition is fully committed to equality of opportunity and to making a contribution to the eradication of all forms of discrimination.

We will assume lesson is taking place unless told otherwise, tutors are bound to provide the service agreed to when they approve a student and students are responsible to seek any refunds from the tutor

We are not responsible for the testimonials posted on this site. We merely host a forum from which people can leave reviews. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to modify or remove any submittals which contravene our terms and conditions or that we deem inappropriate. We will also happily remove any content if asked to do so by an objecting body.

We have a safeguarding policy: http://www.topclasstuition.com/Finalised%20Safeguarding%20Policy.pdf


  • Agree that 20% of their fees will be retained by Top Class Tuition (should bear this in mind when setting their fees)
  • All payments will be assigned to them directly through the website and aforementioned commissions automatically taken
  • Must immediately let the student and TCT know if you need to cancel a lesson
  • Agree not to share contact details or make arrangements outside of the website; such action will result in their accounts being suspended and all existing tuition arrangements cancelled
  • Agree to indemnify Top Class Tuition against all losses resultant from any copyright or other infringement related to their profiles or actions on site
  • Upon signing up state that they are allowed to work in the UK without restrictions and do not possess a criminal record that restricts them from working with children or vulnerable adults
  • Agree that all information provided by them is correct and accurate to the best of their knowledge and that they have no intention to mislead in terms of their qualifications etc.
  • That you are working on a self-employed basis and take full responsibility for tax and National Insurance contributions as well as for any other expectations of self-employed individuals
  • That you are advertising only on behalf of yourself and will not pass on any opportunities to other individuals
  • That any content you post on our site is owned by you and that you have the right to post it. Also that you are fully responsible for anything that is posted within your own profile, including photographs. 
  • That, if anyone makes a claim against us relating to your actions, or for any content or information which you have posted on this website, you will indemnify and hold us harmless from all losses, damages and expenses resultant from such a claim. Whilst Top Class Tuitionchecks what you post and will advise you where necessary, we do not control this and thus are not responsible for any content or information which you share, including that which is unlawful. We are not responsible for the conduct of any member, be it on the website or off of it. 
  • That you will work at all times to uphold and ensure the safety of your pupil(s) when working
  • That you will liaise directly with clients and parents and will not conceal any relevant information from them. 
  • We fully expect all tutors to treat pupils and clients fairly and without prejudice regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality or any other variable. 
  • Agree that this is not an employment agency
  • Agree to fully refund students for any lessons cancelled with 24 hours or more notice. They can do this via the options on their Tutor Dashboard after they log in.
  • Agree to liaise with students and do their best to adhere to any requests to rearrange lessons.



  • Non-compete agreement so that all clients upon sign-up agree to paying the fee to purchase contact details of chosen tutor; any arrangements finalised without payment are prohibited.
  • Accept that it is there responsibility to ensure that tutors meet their requirements and have the necessary checks
  • Agree not to share contact details or make arrangements outside of the website; such action will result in their accounts being suspended and all existing tuition arrangements cancelled
  • Agree to pay fees on time to the website each week
  • Agree to notify the tutor and the website upon cancelling any lesson or terminating their agreement
  • Agree to indemnify Top Class Tuition against all losses resultant from any copyright or other infringement related to their profiles or actions on site
  • Will not hold TCT liable for anything that happens once the agreement has been made and retain full responsibility for their children and their home when the tutor is present
  • Can cancel lessons up to 24 hours beforehand. Students must do this by logging into their account and either requesting a lesson is rearranged or cancelling their subscription. Once a subscription is cancelled, it can be restarted at a later date. The tutor is responsible for issuing a refund for any lessons permanently cancelled should payment have already been made.


Revision Courses

We reserve the right to cancel any courses or classes that do not meet our booking threshold


By creating an account with Top Class Tuition (https://topclasstuition.com) you agree to the Terms and Conditions herein mentioned. Please read these Terms and Condition carefully. New Users (defined below) will be required to accept these Terms and Conditions upon signing up.

Users must ensure that the e-mail address provided is both current and accessible. The Users may update their email address through the Website (defined below).


  1. The following wordings are defined as follows:
  2. “Contract” refers to the agreement between the Tutor and the Student / Pupil for the Tutor to undertake services for the Student / Pupil.
  3. “Website” refers to the website operated by Top Class Tuition.                                 
  4. “Users” refers to Tutors and Student / Pupils who use the Website.
  5. “Student / Pupil” refers to the individuals that use the Website with the intention of entering into an agreement with a Tutor for the provision of tuition services by the Tutor to the Student / Pupil or the Student / Pupil’s parent/guardian.
  6. “Tutor” refers to the individuals that have suitable qualifications and/or experience to provide tuition services in the disciplines promoted by the Tutor on the Website, with the intention of entering into an agreement to provide tuition to the Student / Pupil.
  7. The Website has been designed to facilitate a Student / Pupil contacting a Tutor and to make it possible for  a Student / Pupil to view a Tutor’s profile. Similarly, it has been designed to facilitate the Tutor searching for and establish contact with a Student / Pupil who is in need of a Tutor to assist them.

Tutor Duties

  1. A Tutor represents and confirms that they:

(a)   Are at least sixteen (16) years of age;

(b)   Have the required qualifications and/or experience to provide tuition in the subjects stated by the Tutor on the Website; and

(c)    Have no history of criminal activity and have not been part of any criminal proceeding excepting in instances where spent/historic convictions entirely unrelated to children’s work have been prior disclosed to Top Class Tuition.

  1. Tutors who contact Student / Pupils who are under the age of 18 will ensure that the Student / Pupil has consent from a parent or a guardian to undertake lessons before providing tuition services to the Student / Pupil.
  2. A Tutor must contact a Student / Pupil only through the Website. Any other means of communication is prohibited. Any violation of this provision will lead to the suspension and/or deactivation of the User’s account.
  3. No forms of abuse must take place on Website or any other place from any User
  4. A Tutor is strictly not employed by Top Class Tuitionand thus takes full responsibility for all Income Tax, National Insurance and other such liabilities arising from use of the Website.
  5. All information provided by a Tutor on the Website should be accurate and kept up-to-date. This includes the correct name, address, telephone number and qualification/experience details. Tutors accept that information entered by them on the Website will be publicly visible and may appear in search engine results.
  6. Use of the Website is entirely at a Tutor’s own risk. A Tutor must exercise complete caution when using the Website and contacting a Student / Pupil to provide tutoring services.

Tutor – Student / Pupil Payment

  1. A Tutor is responsible for the fees quoted for his services on the Website and for collection of all fees due to a Tutor from a Student / Pupil. Top Class Tuition is not liable to the Tutor for any fees that have not been paid.
  2. A Tutor must not request any additional fees such as those for travel expenses. All fees must be paid by the Student through the Website and it is at the discretion of the Student as to whether these fees are paid session-by-session or in bulk/block booking.

Student / Pupil Duties

  1. A Student / Pupil who is under 18 years of age must have permission from a parent/guardian to register and that parent/guardian must agree to any agreement with a Tutor to undertake tuition services. It is the responsibility of that parent/guardian to check the credentials/background of the Tutor. Top Class Tuition is not responsible for any disputes regarding parental consent or any problems that a Student / Pupil or a parent/guardian has encountered with a Tutor.
  2. A Student / Pupil, or where relevant their parent/guardian, is responsible for verifying the credentials, expertise, references, CRB/DBS checks and qualifications of any Tutor with whom (s)he enters into or instigates to enter into a Contract. Top Class Tuition does not offer any guarantee that any information provided on the Website is accurate and correct.
  3. A Student / Pupil, or where relevant their parent/guardian, accepts that the Contract for tuition services is with the Tutor. Top Class Tuition is not a party to such a Contract and is not responsible for the performance of any obligations agreed or impliedly agreed through actions between the Tutor and Student / Pupil.
  4. A Student / Pupil must contact a Tutor through the Website. Any other means of communication is prohibited. Any violation of this provision will lead to the suspension and/or deactivation of the User’s account.
  5. A Student / Pupil must not publish any abusive comments about a Tutor or a Student / Pupil on the Website or any other place. This include defamatory or derogatory comments.

User Duties

  1. Users must not use the Website for illegal, unlawful or prohibited purposes. This includes, but is not exclusive to, the sending or posting junk e-mail or spam, publishing misleading, defamatory, indecent, obscene or advertising material, or the sending of viruses, malware and worms.
  2. Users must not impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name, unauthorised alias or a name that they have no authority to use.
  3. Users must not to use Top Class Tuition to advertise, promote or search for tuition services for their own company. Tuition agencies wanting to promote their service with Top Class Tuitionshould contact abn@topclasstuition.com and this may be arranged privately
  4. Users must not submit material to the Website in which the copyright or intellectual property does or may be suspected to belong to another person or body. This also applies to any material whose ownership is unknown or in doubt.

Liability, Indemnity and other provisions

  1. It is expressly agreed that in no event shall Top Class Tuitionbe liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits or revenues, loss of use, or loss of information or data, whether a claim for any such liability or damages is premised upon breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, strict liability, or any other theory of liability, even if we have been apprised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages occurring.
  2. The Users agrees that services and information contained therein are provided on “as is” and “as available” basis only, without warranty of any kind, and all express, implied or statutory warranties, conditions, representations, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, adequacy and non-infringement or warranty arising out of course of performance, course of dealing or usage or trade are excluded by Top Class Tuition.
  3. Top Class Tuitiondoes not warrant that the Website will meet the requirements of any person or that it will operate on an uninterrupted or error-free basis.
  4. The Users are solely responsible for any and all acts or omissions taken or made in reliance on the website or the information contained therein, including inaccurate or incomplete information.

Top Class Tuition does not and cannot independently verify or review the information transmitted through the website for accuracy or completeness.

  1. Top Class Tuitionhas no control over or responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any material available on the Website, whether provided by Users or others. Third party websites may appear on the Website. Top Class Tuition does not endorse or have any responsibility for the site in question or anything which appears on it.
  2. Top Class Tuitionis not and cannot be responsible for the behaviour of Users, whether on the Website or outside of it. Top Class Tuition merely provides a service for a Tutor and Student / Pupil to be introduced to each other.
  3. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Users will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Top Class Tuitionfrom and against any and all Losses, damages (including but not limited to compensatory, consequential, special and punitive damages), demands, claims, costs, penalties, injuries, interest, or expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorney fees and costs) howsoever caused, sustained by you, Top Class Tuition at any time, arising out of or relating to (i) the use, non-use or misuse of the Website or any portion thereof;.
  4. Top Class Tuitiondoes not guarantee that a Tutor will meet the Student / Pupil’s needs.
  5. Top Class Tuitionis not responsible for any grade obtained by a Student / Pupil or any consequence that that examination grades entails. Any assurances made by a Tutor are precisely that and in no way the responsibility of Top Class Tuition.
  6. Top Class Tuition’s aggregate liability under this agreement, regardless of theory of liability, shall be limited to the aggregate fees actually paid by the User to Top Class Tuitionfor the six (6) month period preceding the event first giving rise to the claim.

Intellectual Property

  1. The code, brand and intellectual property of the Website cannot be reused without Top Class Tuition‘s consent. All copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the Website (including the material which is contributed by Users) are owned by Top Class Tuition. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, show in public or create any derivative work from the Website, or any of the material which is found on the Website without the consent of Top Class Tuition. Please see our Copyright Notice, which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. By submitting any material to the content of the Website, you:

(a)     are representing that you are fully entitled to do so;

(b)     grant Top Class Tuition a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-terminable licence to copy, modify, distribute, show in public and create derivative works from that material in any form and any place; and

(c)      authorise Top Class Tuition to adapt the relevant material and you waive the right to be identified as the author of the material in question.

Miscellaneous provisions

  1. Top Class Tuitionreserves the right to modify and amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time.
  2. Top Class Tuitionagrees to pay any legitimately levied invoices for services solicited within a period of no more than 28 days in accordance with legal practice. Any requests to follow an alternative timeframe cannot be guaranteed to be met.
  3. Top Class Tuitionwill take precautions it considers appropriate to keep the details of a Tutor and Student / Pupil secure but will not be liable for unauthorised access to the information provided by a Tutor and Student / Pupil on the Website.
  4. Top Class Tuitionis not responsible for appraising information on the Website. Users should exercise complete caution. Despite prohibitions, Users may take it upon themselves to provide information or otherwise behave in a way that is unreliable, misleading or illegal and this is not the responsibility of Top Class Tuition. Further, Top Class Tuition can offer no guarantee that Users are who they say they are.
  5. Top Class Tuition reserves the right to withdraw or modify aspects of the Website, or the entirety of it and may, at their sole discretion, vary the features of the Website and the Terms of use at anytime.
  6. Top Class Tuitionreserves the right to suspend or terminate a User’s access to the Website, or parts of it. Top Class Tuition reserves the right to remove, or require the User to remove, material posted on the Website. Any person whose access has been suspended or terminated must not re-register for, or re-access, the Website without prior consent from Top Class Tuition.
  7. Top Class Tuitionreserves the right to withdraw any material on the Website which contravenes these Terms and Conditions.
  8. Top Class Tuitionmay restrict access to the Website for any period and, if necessary, permanently, at the sole discretion of Top Class Tuition. Users shall not be entitled to any reimbursement of any fees or expenses incurred as a result of such restriction or for any inconvenience caused.
  9. Top Class Tuition may monitor postings to the Website and communications through the Website and have the right to delete and/or block such postings or communications at their sole discretion.
  10. Top Class Tuitiongive no guarantee that the Website is free of viruses worms or any other form of harmful components.
  11. Top Class Tuitionmay contact its Users via the details stored on their account, this could include by email and phone.
  12. Top Class Tuitionmay use data for statistical analysis and may provide this to interested third parties.
  13. Top Class Tuition‘s Privacy Policy (found below) forms part of these Terms and Conditions, and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also give your consent to the way we may handle your personal data as detailed in that policy.
  14. All business undertaken by Top Class Tuition, a Tutor and/or a Student / Pupil or his parent/guardian is transacted subject to these Terms. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and any other terms and conditions, these Terms shall prevail. These Terms and Conditions include Top Class Tuition‘s Privacy Policy and copyright notice.
  15. Non Solicitation: the Members agree not to recruit or hire any employee of Top Class Tuition, either as an employee or consultant, or recruit anu such person for another company, while such person is employed or retained by the other party for a period of twelve (12) months after the termination or expiration of this Agreementm whichever period ends at the latest date. This does not include the Tutor who is NOT an employee of Top Class Tuition.
  16. In the event that any term of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable by judicial decree or decision, the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall remain valid and enforceable.
  17. English Law and the jurisdiction of English Courts applies to these terms.


All content on this site, excepting that posted by users for which they take full responsibility and agree to Top Class Tuition’s free and unrestricted use of (and for which they wholly indemnify Top Class Tuition against any claims or losses should it be found to infringe copyright), is the property of Top Class Tuition (this includes our source code, design, graphics, User profiles and text) and is copyright 2015-16 and must not be reproduced without prior permission from Top Class Tuition. If you want to use a brief quote from this site you must reference, and link to, the original source at the Website where it was copied from. You must not steal, use or distribute content from this site for use on any other website or elsewhere. We will take action against such websites.

Users are prohibited from reproducing, reselling, republishing, or redistributing any materials from Top Class Tuition in either a machine-readable form or any other form without our express permission.

Please contact us, if you are unsure about these conditions and think you may be violating

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